Twitter Follow Friday – People Who Serve Their Communities

So many of us talk about serving our community, but that’s it. We talk, but have no action to back up our words. It’s the rare person who actually walks the walk, and gives back. Today’s Follow Friday features such people.

I’d like to personally thank each one for their hearts and contributions to society. 


Katie Charland@katiecharland (community organizer, public relator, mother to about 50 adult children) Katie Charland is an up-and-coming geek celebrity. A public relations specialist for Gangplank in Chandler AZ, she spends her time herding cats—otherwise known as geeks—and coordinates community projects. With a heart for kids, she spends much of her free time setting up things like the Gangplank Jr Journalism program, Free haunted house and Halloween parties, and a school supply drive. For those with a sweet tooth, she works with Cupcake Camp Chandler.

You can follow Katie with her personal Twitter handle or @ganplank, and to meet the real Katie, follow @GangplankMom.


Barry Stahl@bsstahl (Developer, activist, helper, father) Barry Stahl is a co-founder of AZGiveCamp, a yearly weekend where Phoenix software developers donate their time to create technology for charities. This organization created tracking databases and websites for several area organizations like Future for Kids, Family Services Agency, Beads of Courage, and the Chandler Symphony Orchestra.

You can check Barry out at his blog, where you will find information about the various charities he is involved in as well as great presentations and tips on .NET development.


Tammy Godin@tammygo5 (helper, hot redhead, blogger) Helping is what Tammy does, and she doesn’t need a program to do it. Whether it’s feeding the hungry at Andre House in Phoenix or volunteering for the dirtiest jobs at her church, she never stops serving others. In Queen Creek, AZ, Tammy works with area youth and women. She is known to babysit whenever needed and often gives money for youth trips and the like.

Oh yeah, did I mention she’s my wife? Staying with me is just one more amazing public service Tammy performs. You can read her writing at, where she blogs about faith.


@ZACH_BONNER (cool kid, fundraiser) Zach Bonner founded The Little Red Wagon Foundation, where he raises money for disadvantaged kids. He doesn’t just raise money, but spends time with the kids, playing and having fun. In 2009 he walked across America to raise awareness, and is the youngest known person to make that walk. When Zach raises money, it’s not in the hundreds or thousands, it’s in the tens of thousands. 

One thought on “Twitter Follow Friday – People Who Serve Their Communities

  1. Very awesome! I love these kind of community helpers. I always support the local farmer's market and folks with awesome organic yummy products. I just love that people are giving us more options and local ones too!

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