Three More Fantastic Horror Shorts

A queue of watch-later videos greeted me this morning. What better time to find some good horror shorts. I saw about ten or fifteen short horror films to find these three.

Now it’s time to scare the shorts off of you… No, that’s not right. Scare you with shorts…. Wait, even if you don’t wear shorts, I still want to scare you. Let’s try this again… It’s time to scare those of you with or without shorts, knowing that those with shorts might be scared out of them so they’ll join the without-shorts group. Er… Umm… Just watch the videos.

In Chambers

This one comes from the directors of the excellent-looking Thale. A women wakes up in a random chamber, not knowing why she’s there. Men in black coats take people when their number is up. What do the numbers mean? What happens when the men take you? Don’t ask me. Watch the movie to find out. This is a professionally-made movie. High quality effects, acting, camera-work and sound.

Can I Call You

Ah, the blind date. Where the adventurous find love, or maybe boredom, or maybe something else. This is another professionally-made film that makes you laugh and provides a bit of suspense.


A professional hit-man, a desperate woman. Not everything is as it seems. Quite gruesome and not for the easily-disturbed, this is an excellent new take on the torture-porn story.

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